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Journey into creative imagination
Malaville is a place of stunning beauty, where everyone is welcome to play. It is a place where your imagination comes to life and your heart fills up with joy.
Malaville is a wonderful place of make-believe, where everything is possible and dreams come true. So come on in, and join the journey into the world of creative imagination.


  • For years I have been looking for the ideals dolls for my 3 nieces which would reflect the uniqueness and beauty of their black skin. Malaville dolls are a heaven sent ray of light. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

    Oswald Baniekona
  • Would love to have my children ages 14 and 8 tell you how they felt when they first received their dolls ❤. Thank you for making these beautiful dolls! We can not wait for the next ones to be available!

    Christina Yager
  • I bought these dolls to have as a collection and I have also started giving them as gifts to my nieces. It’s important for them to not only see the variety of black people but also understand the different hair textures. We are a unique people and there are no boundaries to what works are arts are created within black people. The clothes, the hair, the skin tones, our facial features, body structure all that needs to be seen cause there is no normal, we just are.

    Shanna Pepper
  • I couldn’t help but buy this beautiful doll, after reading an article here in the UK about people saying this doll is too dark, I’m dark skinned myself and I’m learning to love my natural healthy skin tone that I’m learning to embrace filter free! So I’m happy that I’m able to soon have a reminder of just how beautiful dark skin can be! Thank you for creating such a wonderful doll!

    Angellina Rowell
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    I believe that we all have a wonderful purpose in life, and I am very happy to have found mine in dolls. My love and passion for dolls have allowed me to see the importance of dolls during play and also how they can be used as healing tools through play therapy. Designing the dolls has been such a pleasure for me, as I can see the many beautiful people they represent and the many lives that have been touched by them. My goal is to bring love, joy, peace and harmony to the world, one beautiful doll at a time.

    Mala Bryan